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Topic Subject: RoN Clan List
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posted 07-17-03 10:18 PM EDT (US)   
I'm hoping the admins make this a sticky if we can get enough people to sign it. I've been searching for a comprehensive list of all the RoN clans, but thus far have been unsuccessful. I'm hoping now that clan members will post here so that we can create that list.

Please post your clan name, clan tag, and website. Also any contact information would be appreciated.


Clan Name: Warrior Nation
Clan Tag: WNx
WN's RoN Division Roster:

Proud member of Warrior Nation. Contact me at ICQ: 166269823, AIM: WNxBogo Rath, MSN: or Yahoo!: bogo_rath for information on joining Warrior Nation.

[This message has been edited by WNxBogo Rath (edited 09-01-2003 @ 05:10 PM).]

posted 12-18-07 04:11 PM EDT (US)     26 / 40  
well SC has been around for about a year and i don't see it up here so it's SC, Scen Clan, a clan that plays scenarios..
posted 02-18-09 01:30 PM EDT (US)     27 / 40  
Clan Name: AHR
Clan Tag: AHR
posted 07-31-09 08:47 AM EDT (US)     28 / 40  
The old clan of caesar,rise of nations. We changed website
Clan name:Caesar
posted 07-31-09 09:41 AM EDT (US)     29 / 40  
There are still RoN Clans? Let's get a tournament, maybe a CTW Campaign going.
posted 07-31-09 10:59 PM EDT (US)     30 / 40  
Not from what Ive seen. In RON vanilla at least, the only clan that still appears to be fairly active is TGZ.
posted 08-02-09 11:46 PM EDT (US)     31 / 40  
Who do they play then?
posted 10-11-09 06:51 PM EDT (US)     32 / 40  
I am with TGZ and I have no idea, whoever is in another clan. RNC I believe.
posted 10-11-09 10:35 PM EDT (US)     33 / 40  
What other clans do you (TGZ) play? Also, would you like to have RoN Heaven organize some more clans so you guys can have some more people to play?
posted 10-11-09 10:37 PM EDT (US)     34 / 40  
On TaP I think I've seen Apocalypse Survivors [AS] and one other clan, but that is about it.
posted 10-11-09 10:38 PM EDT (US)     35 / 40  
Do all these clans also play games other than RoN as well?
posted 10-11-09 10:45 PM EDT (US)     36 / 40  
I cannot say, I haven't checked them out.

P.S. I hate the Flood filter, made me sit here waiting for several minutes before I could post. Can ODA do anything about that?
posted 10-12-09 00:06 AM EDT (US)     37 / 40  
Yeah...that filter is pretty annoying sometime. ODA is really busy right now, so an immediate solution probably won't be possible…
posted 11-06-09 08:45 PM EDT (US)     38 / 40  
There are probably some clans on Mastersleague…

We could add them to our list, but they would need to post their names here.
posted 12-15-09 07:26 PM EDT (US)     39 / 40  
i can haz clan?

lolcat lovers

we don't play, we soap.

mewp: a word to describe awesomeness in its supreme form.

EoB Heraclies gets a hard-on from noobs.

Damn, you got me. I just wish I knew how to make quality threads like you do. -Blatant7
posted 04-05-10 00:25 AM EDT (US)     40 / 40  
Clan Name: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Clan Tag: LXG

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