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War Stories
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Topic Subject: Tales of German Conquests: The German - Dutch&Roman War
posted 06-28-10 05:24 AM EDT (US)   
Once, there was an archepelago consisting of four islands. Four nations: the Germans, the Aztecs, the Dutch and the Romans had a colony on one island each. It seemed that they would live on peacefully, but the nature of humanity has got the better of them: their greed.

By the dawn of the Enlightment Age, the Germans marched their ranks of disciplined lines of Musketeers into the Aztec's land. Fending off guns and steel with bow and arrow, they were swiftly conquered.

The Dutch and the Papal States were watching the war from their respective islands as fire rose from Tenolichitan, the Aztec's primary settlement on this colony. They made a deal and sworn an alliance, vowing never to let their own colonies suffer from the same fate.

But the Germans were no longer the civilisation that feautured sword toting horsemen. They had advanced in Age again and were bringing Machine guns, tanks and more advanced weaponry. Their Submarines wreaked havoc admist the Dutch-Papal States navy, sinking countless ships of wood, while the main invasion force embarked on their freighters and crossed the ocean.

D-Day came. Not to Normandy, but rather the small Dutch town of Woerden, where a repelica of the ancient Pyramids stood. As soon as the first German rifleman set foot on Dutch soil, a squadron of calvary charged headlong into the unlucky soldiers, cutting down several instantly and knocking some more back into the water. It seemed that the Dutch would keep their colony for another day until when German AT-weaponry hit dirt. The rifles were designed to knock out heavy tanks - horses stood no chance. The German troops fought to advance, inching foward as more and more troops landed and as the Dutch retreated with less and less men.

Woerden was taken, and the Dutch army lay tattered on the soil. The momentum if the attack brought the Germans to the highly developed city of Amersfoot, where Universities, Libraries and Temples formed a complex maze.

The German foot soldiers advanced with caution, but the Dutch calvary would charge from a dark alley unseen by any, and a rifleman or a machine gun crew would be claimed by Death. But by the time the German tanks rumbled one by one into the labyrinth, the tide of the battle turned back to the Germans once more. Artillery shells fell on Amersfoot and the German war machine struck at the city centre, the city has fallen.

Deciding that taking the northern part of the island would leave their flanks exposed, the Germans instead swung the hammer to the west, demolishing the small farming towns of Naarden and Muiden, before marching north to seize the capital itself: The Hague.

Their capital besieged and in danger of being sacked, the Dutch military fought to it's end. Even the Merchants and Caravan picked up weapons and fought against their invaders. The two Bunkers that separated Northern Holland and Southern Holland had been top priority targets for the defense, and the Dutch, who had finally caught up with technology, had set up machine guns at the barrier. Knowing that time would run out on them should the Romans come to aid their nemesis. 8 Tiger Tanks rolled through the .30 cal as the two Bunkers hit the ground.

But the hasty and bloody push of the Germans seemed to have one weakness: the captured cities weren't well-defended enough. The Italians did not come to save Holland by being on the wrong side of 12 MG42s. Instead they had their army sneak up on Woerden, taking the empty city and setting up camps and defenses, preparing to hit the Germans hard... from behind.

The Germans had already anticipated this though, and more troops crossed the debris/body strewn waters to hit the Italians behind, and they did it so well that barely 3 units were lost, though this was largely because of the huge amount of heavy armor in this branch, with Tiger Tanks taking up 70% of this division, aside from artillery. The Second Division sent the First their Howitzers, and shortly after that, The Hague has fallen.

The Italians saw this as a great opportunity for them to kick the asses of Hitler's followers though, and sent their army around North Holland and firing their rifles at abandon behind the Dutch colonists struggling to fight for their land. The Second Kolonial Division sent 5 more tanks to their aid, stretching their defenses more as the German Third Division - a huge infantry platoon came to be the new defenders of Woerden and Amersfoot.

The Italian-Dutch joint force has been decimated, all Dutch military buildings razed to the ground. The Dutch surrendered, ashamed of not being able to reclaim their capital. But the Germans would not stop here.

The Hague was razed to the ground, and 4 Aircraft Carriers arrived at the coast of the Italian colony, escorted by the Deutsch Marine. The First Division was sorely diminished, and was folded into the Second. Yet the Germans still had four divisions at their command. Kolonial Divisions Two, Three and Four swarmed accross Dutch waters and landed on a small Italian town.

Resistance was futile when the combined force burned down the farms of Dyrrhachium, and Italian riflemen were slaughtered by the dozen. Their AT and tanks were Industrial Age products, and thus never stood a chance against the numerically and technologically superior Germans. The Germans swept accross the northern part of the island while Battleships bombarded the south.

The Germans siezed the town of Cosa, the location of the Terra Cotta Army, where a museum of clay men was somehow spewing living, fighting Italians. Knowing it's strategic value, the Third Kolonial Division was stationed there, clay men swelling their ranks every minute.

Centumcellae, the Italian capital, was located south of Dyrrhachium within walking distance. Therefore the Germans assaulted the city... and were gunned down by several Redoubts as well as some Bunkers, not to mention the rest of the Armata Italiano lurking in the darkness of the Fog of War. The Battleships were finished with the coastal fortifications, and were shelling Cemenelum, a coastal city.

The Fifth Division was placed in reserves while all hell broke loose, and now they were shipped onto the island ready to kick the Italians hard in behind... literally.

The Fifth Division marched on. As this was a new army, it's manpower was nowhere near as strong as the Second or Third, but it's men were healthy, and they had one powerful strategem: a huge squadron of Fighter-Bombers fuelled and ready armed in Aircraft Carriers parked right on the coast. As the Italian Army swivelled around to face the new threat, 28 Fighter-Bombers took to the skies and shredded the Italian troops to an inrecognisable state, oblivious to Cemenelum's three Radar Air Defenses. Pathetic.

As the German air force flew back to their Carriers for refuelling, the Second, Third and Fourth Divisions marched forth at the only remaining Bunker, which all it's peers were razed, and it was the end of Cemenelum. But the crafty, cunning Italians have razed their own Senate admist the chaos, and have set up their new government in Rome. No matter, Cemenelum was taken and Rome was nowhere near as well fortified as the former capital.

The Italians have mustered all the spaghetti-eating blokes they could've mustered though, and threw them recklessly at the tide of steel. Rome was swiftly taken, having being bombarded by both Battleships and Fighter-Bombers.

I now owned the entire archepelago! The German colonial power shall extend to every corner in the earth with me sitting in front of my computer with this shit-eating grin on my face - I've just finished my first conquest on Tough difficulty.

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posted 06-28-10 01:13 PM EDT (US)     1 / 2  
Well done, Random.
posted 07-04-10 07:17 PM EDT (US)     2 / 2  
very nice, i could actually see it happening in my head.

mewp: a word to describe awesomeness in its supreme form.

EoB Heraclies gets a hard-on from noobs.

Damn, you got me. I just wish I knew how to make quality threads like you do. -Blatant7
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