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War Stories
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Topic Subject: Tales of German Conquests: The War of The Suckers
posted 07-07-10 07:27 AM EDT (US)   
Today, while on quick battle, I met an embarrassing position - all the computer players have declared war against me!

While they did not form an alliance, that was still hard to believe. I checked the diplomatic status and they were all at peace or in an alliance with each other except me, so that was stupid.

I was playing as my signature Germans in a Big Huge Old World map. I had control of the huge mountain in the middle and a lot of other ones, putting me ahead in Age and economically. I had also strategically placed my Forts, Towers and Cities behind rivers or other choke points, creating a tactical challenge. I was in (relatively) good shape, but other small nations ringed my borders, and that was never good.

The British were at war with me since the Classical Age, and I've been sending waves after waves of soldiers at their pathetic nation. Yet, despite critically wounding their empire, the AI had heavily fortified his land, and I had to use Bristol, my foward base to continue the attrition war. Somehow, we ended up slugging it out until the Enlightment Age, by then I declared war and marched my calvary army into the dark domain.

20 Cannons fired relentlessly at the British defenses, and it took 5 days for the artillery to succeed, but they finished their task at last, and the war-mongering hordes of Cuirassiers and Musketeers swarmed through the breach and siezed the British capital of Edinbough, the British had fallen.

But the war had merely started, The French, who had been their ally, declared war to avenge it's sister country. The Dutch, who had extended it's domain vastly and pressing the German borders, shortly followed, and quickly cut all trade routes between German-Germany(west) and British-German(east) , then sending their armies to both lands. I was double-teamed, and almost all my troops were either buried or in British-Germany. I quickly opened up the Barracks and churned out a temporary Musketeer line while at the same time moving the Senate to the heavily fortified city of Bristol.

My empire was stretched and it's defenses would have been swiftly overrun had I not owned the superior terrain. I was forced to requisition 20 more citizens to deal with the skyrocketing military expenses. But somehow, I managed to fend off the initial wave, and the German industrial war machine shall be ignited. Dusseldorf and Munich, which had been taken by the treacherous Dutch, had to be liberated. Therefore in Berlin, an army was quickly pieced together while in Bristol, troops were sent to hold the only three paths to British-German, entrenched in front of a solid wall of defenses.

Five Spies and a taskforce of Commandoes were sent to scout out Munich and Dusseldorf. The cities were intact, and the Dutch army had moved out, supposedly to dethrone the German capital sitting in the east. The Commandoes worked on the city centers and the Berlin army was advancing as the elite forces sabotaged the cities, and the Germans won without a fight, slaughtering all Dutch settlers.

In the meanwhile, the southern pass, which leads to the small British town of Dublin, is being assaulted by the bankers. But however they may try, the infantry-heavy army was easily shot to ribbons by Machine Guns backed up by Tanks... before they even got to fire a shot. The army was defeated slaughtered. But despite this little victory, the Frenchmen were using their superior calvary to overrun the northern mountain pass, which lead to Edunbough itself! if this pass falls then all shall be lost, for Bristol will be exposed and reinforcements within British-Germany will be cut off completely. The army of the south was moved north to fend off the calvary horde while 4 Barracks churned out as many Fusliers as possible, their technicans researching a better substitute for these feeble gunpowder weapons.

After 15 days of fierce fighting, the German army emerged from the bloodbath, exhausted but victorious. The Berlin army had gutted the French Empire, capturing the cities of Boradaux and Provence, as well as some small farms and mines. As shells fell on Paris, however, the Greeks joined in the fray, using their peace to their advantage, expanding their military relatively unharrassed. The Greco-Prussian war had began, it is the dawn of the Modern Age.

The Germans built 10 Missle Silos in 3 different cities, researching the destructive Nuclear weapons, 9 V2 Rockets fell on Paris, and the French Empire's largest city had fallen, with only their capital - Bonn standing. However, the advance grinded to a halt when the Dutch assaulted the eastern holdings of the German empire. Though technologically superior, the Germans were overwhelmed due to diversified forces, part in the North, in Paris, stopping the people of Bonn from retaking the city and the rest in the East, holding off the Dutch.

During the middle of the din, the Dutch, in hope of crushing the German capital of Bristol, formed an alliance with Greece, who in turn sent their army to Munich instead. As Munich burned, it's citizens picking up rifles and buying time for their comrades, the nuclear scientists working in Berlin prayed for their work to be successful in time, while a pitiful force was raised and some Bunkers sloppily pieced together in Dusseldorf, the 7th Air Force readied. The end is nigh.

The Greeks advanced with their modern weaponry, Howitzers bombing Dusseldorf, destroying part of the fortifications in the first volley alone. Riflemen stormed the German "army", which was merely 2 MG42s and some Infantry. They were killed, faces irrecognisable to their friends or family. We shall remember them, however, for these fallen comrades have allowed a single Nuclear Missle to be built, which may change the tide of the battle.

Alarms blared in the Greek command center when 5 infantry units charged into Dusseldorf. But the alert wasn't warning the Greeks about the foot soldiers, but rather the nuke that was only 10 seconds from them. Their commanders bellowed into their microphones, but the Greeks were still in the city, distracted by the lone soldiers and the smell of blood. An earsplitting sound, a mushroom cloud, all was left of the once prosperous city of Dusseldorf was a bare city center. In the wake of the destruction lay piles of corpses, burnt and broken bodies lying on the blackened grass. The Germans moved their army, burying them into the convenient crater the blast produced.

The Dutch were cut to the ground in the east, and the Army of Paris had siezed the Senate in Bonn, unifying the scattered towns of France. This caused the tide of the war to turn back against the Dutch and the Greeks, who were holed up in the south, a resourceful place with several Wonders standing admist lush forests.

However, the German industrial power was not one to be underestimated. They churned out tanks and machine guns and built their exsisting armies into formidable forces, as well as setting up two more divisions. The four German armies marched into the four loosely guarded mountain passes, taking three cities in the first assault, but the Second Division was struggling in Copenhagen against the main Dutch resistance. The First sent a few tanks to flank them, and the three remaining armies moved on, taking a major city: Woerden.

The Dutch were utterly defeated, and what's left of their army was desperately gathered at their capital: The Hague. The Germans were about to attack that as well but intelligence warned that the Greeks were researching nuclear weapons as well. That must not happen! The German Second, Third and Fourth Divisions stormed the city of Athens, destroying the Greeks with lightning speed and stopping the threat of nuclear annhialation.

Another missle was launched, in the meanwhile, and the Dutch capital fell shortly after, giving the Germans more land to expand, and the German Empire has once again conquered it's enemies.

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posted 07-16-10 07:54 PM EDT (US)     1 / 3  
nicee i loved that, btw what level of diffuculty do u play at? i just restarted playing RON and am playing at moderate 4 now.
posted 07-19-10 07:37 AM EDT (US)     2 / 3  
I can now reliably beat the computer at Tough, but usually have to resort to Moderate if I'm trying out new strategies. I don't normally research nukes and the game was one of the first times I tried playing without using the "no_nukes" script.
posted 07-30-10 04:23 AM EDT (US)     3 / 3  
Fantastic story, real edge-of-your-seat stuff. :P I love these stories most when they're as heavily detailed as yours; it makes it easiest to picture in one's mind while reading it, and more fun too. The longer the better.
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