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Topic Subject: Cold War CTW 100% as Soviets
posted 12-24-11 08:47 PM EDT (US)   
Campaign: Cold War
Side: Soviets
Goal: 100% conquest of the world within 14 turns.

Basic principles:
* Excluding USSR and Warsaw Pact, there are 22 "flag" territories you must conquer for a 100% win (these nations will be bolded in this walkthrough when the time comes to convert or conquer them). You have 14 turns, so on average you should be aiming for two new territories each turn.
* You do not need to conquer all of these 22 territories militarily - some will change their allegiance to you through scripted events (South Africa, North Korea, Cuba), and others will be willing to become client states with a large enough bribe.
* Tribute is the single most important thing in this campaign. Your armies can only conquer one flag territory per turn. Your tribute can convert any number of territories to your cause per turn. It generally costs at least 90 Tribute to make a neutral state into a client state. Make sure you have at least this amount at the start of each turn, after accounting for income from territory strength. Sometimes the scripted events happen at the start of your turn right after you have received income, and you'll want to make sure you have enough money in the bank to accept an offer.
* If you ever initiate a Police Action, that will end your turn, regardless of success. Make sure you've accomplished everything you wanted to do in a given turn before sending your troops abroad.
* Nuclear warheads are not much use because they force you to wait a turn before you can attack the devastated territory. As mentioned above, speed is crucial. The Soviets start off with two nuclear weapons - that's already plenty. Your tribute is better spent bribing other territories to become client states.
* Declaring war against the US and its allies is a very expensive undertaking. However, goading them into declaring war on you is completely free! A provocative policy regarding DEFCON is helpful here, as it will goad the Americans into war without you spending any tribute.
* After a declaration of war, nuclear exchanges mean you will likely lose two or three territories. You must have enough armies remaining at this time to initiate Overruns to reclaim these territories quickly. Otherwise, a 100% global conquest is very hard.

Turn 1, 100 Tribute, 22 nations remain:
* Build up the three Warsaw Pact territories from strength 1 to 2 [-60].
* Initiate the first espionage mission [-20]. (Infiltrate all enemy cities. Middle city must be approached from the north, otherwise the Machine Gun squad will see the Spy approaching.)
* Police action in Middle East [-20]. (Build AA at the Fort to survive the initial wave of Fighters, then build Spies to bribe the Airfield to the southwest and any nearby Towers or Oil Wells. Supply all Oil Wells with Citizens, and then build up an invading force of Tanks, Light Infantry, and Katusha artillery. Spies and an Air Force of Fighters will help you overcome enemy Tanks enormously.)
* Income: 0 Tribute at end of turn, +100 from Middle East, +50 extra from scripting for conquering Middle East, +41 from industry. Total tribute: [191].

Turn 2, 191 Tribute, 21 nations:
* Build up three Warsaw Pact territories to 3. [-90]. You have succeeded in fulfilling this objective and these territories will no longer rebel.
* Initiate second espionage mission [-20]. South Africa becomes client state.
* Police action in South Korea [-21]. (If the Chinese offer to help you in return for a non-hostility pact, you should refuse - this will force China to be more receptive to a Client State proposal next turn. This battle is easy enough to win as the Soviets, as long as you build up your economy through inland cities away from UN interference. Once you can boom economically, churn out wave after wave of land units to sweep the UN and South Koreans into the sea. Fighters will be useful to give them cover, and Cruise Missiles will be helpful to reduce cities so your ground troops can take and hold.)
Income: 60 from end of turn, +40 for South Korea police action, +50 from industry. Total tribute: [150].

Turn 3, 150 Tribute, 19 nations:
* Initiate the third espionage mission [-20]. (This is the hardest of the missions, with very narrow margins for failure. Your first wave of Submarines will have to fight off four Cruisers, one from each cardinal direction. Send them around to the four corners of the waterway to clear Battleship opposition, as you land your Spies and Scouts to address the land units. Your Spies should bribe enemy units from safe directions, bearing in mind that they uncloak after bribery, making them vulnerable to building and unit fire. The hardest corner is likely to be the eastern corner, where a patrolling enemy Scout and Helicopter can ruin your mission. Take care of the Scout by first landing your bribed Cavalry south of the dock, and then bribe enemy Tanks to draw away the enemy Helicopter.) +100 Tribute.
* China is one of the hardest nations to defeat in a military battle (save the game and declare war and give it a try - the map has extremely unfavorable terrain), so you'll need to convert them to a Client State through diplomacy. To completely box in the Americans, the Soviets will need to gain control of Central America and Vietnam, preferably in the same turn. (America usually goes for one or the other in order to get a foothold into Asia or South America.) The Soviet armies can reach Vietnam through India or China, and they cannot reach Central America at all at this stage, meaning diplomacy is the long-term plan for converting Central America. China is a geographically more useful territory as it borders four others, instead of India's three. The lowest price a territory usually will even consider joining you for is 90 Tribute. Start from that and offer upwards in increments of 5. At this point in the game, 155 Tribute or so for China to become a client state is a typical trade. [-155]
* Start a police action in Egypt [-22]. This is a useful chance to raise the DEFCON alert level, to goad the Americans into declaring war on you. (Accept the Rebel offer to openly side against Egypt, so you raise the DEFCON level. The rest of this mission is very simple - the enemy AI is set so low you can spend most of the game booming and then hit them with an advanced army.)
Income: 53 from end of turn, +20 from Egypt client state, +63 industry income. Total [136] Tribute.

Turn 4, 136 Tribute, 17 nations.
* This is the first turn that the Soviet economy outperforms the Americans (66 income vs. 61 income).
* The North Koreans will send a diplomat to offer client state relations, for a very favorable price. Accept the offer [-25].
* Declare a police action on the Ethiopians, but don't actually start the war yet. Make sure you pay the cost of declaring the police action [-23].
* Offer all your remaining Tribute to Afghanistan for clienthood. [-88] If you do not actually spend all your Tribute before doing this, the Afghans will raise their price of complying.
* Complete the police action in Ethiopia. It helps if you have one army in North Africa and one in Middle East to support. (Straightforward mission - you'll most likely find AA, Machine Guns, and Cavalry to be the most useful units. Generals also help increase shooting range of garrisons and unit survival, and Scouts are useful for jamming enemy AA near your Airfield. Your Science research is set at 8, so collecting ruins is also very good value for money.) +15 Tribute.
Income: 0 end of turn, +15 Ethiopia, +72 industry.

Turn 5, 87 Tribute, 14 nations.
* Cuba revolts, and Castro overthrows Batista. This will become fairly important later on.
* Use two armies, one from North Africa supported by another from Ethiopia, to overrun the uninhabited West African territories. This does not end your turn because it does not count as your police action for the turn. +20
* Declare a police action on Central Africa, with two armies from Ethiopia and South Africa. Do not actually start the police action yet, but do pay the cost. [-24]
* With your remaining 83 Tribute, offer Mongolia clienthood.
* Complete the police action in Central Africa, using whichever army you choose as the main and support. +40
Income: 0 end of turn, +40 Central Africa, +50 uniting all of Africa, +79 industry income. Total [169] Tribute.

Turn 6, 169 Tribute, 12 nations.
* America occupies Mexico this turn. Each flag territory that America occupies means a flag territory that can ONLY be converted to your side through combat. You cannot conduct diplomacy with an American ally to convert them. Because we've already established that combat is a once-per-turn pursuit, the Soviets must nip American expansionism in the bud as early as possible. (It is technically possible to convert Mexico early on, but the Americans usually convert Vietnam immediately afterwards.)
* Cuba also gives hints that it will become an ally if the Soviets make an offer. Do so. They will become clients for 90 Tribute or so. [-90]
* Initiate the fourth espionage mission. (This is so simple you could safely leave the computer running and make a cup of tea. Place two Scouts each southwest of the oil wells, north of the missile silos, and southeast of the refinery. The Spies will never even get close if you've done it right.) See if you can do research while doing this mission. You can get a fair bit of Temple B, Lumber Mill A, and University A research done, as well as Science at the Library. [-20]
* Initiate a police action from Cuba to Central America. This is crucial to stop the Americans from expanding further [-25]. (This mission is quickly resolved with a strong navy, even with a middling or small land force.)
Remaining tribute 34, Central America tribute +20, industry tribute +87. Total 141.

Turn 7, 141 Tribute, 10 nations.
* The Americans are thinking about sending an army to Vietnam, and we have a few turns to do something about it. We've already blocked off their South American adventurism with our conquest of Central America. If we can stop their Asian ambitions, we effectively render their armies useless. They can only expand by diplomacy or by declaring war on us.
* The people request that we increase our nuclear deterrence to beat the Americans. Ignore this request for now - the cost of buying nuclear weapons is prohibitively high, and the Tribute is better spent on soft power, persuading people to join our cause. If all else fails, we have some sabotage missions that allow us to reduce the US stockpiles by a significant margin, and we can carefully time the release and replenishment of our current nuclear force to manipulate this objective.
* Initiate the fifth espionage mission. This particular mission is not hard and merely requires you to keep up a constant supply of units running up the middle path to pick off enemy units. AA, LI, and Tanks are useful [-20]. This scenario will allow you to regain control of Mexico if the Americans took it over, which helps enormously. Note the American army stationed in Mexico - if you move a Soviet army there, you now have two rival armies both occupying the territory! (Don't worry, the American army will disappear next turn.) +100 Tribute for mission, +10 for Mexico, +70 tribute apparently by event (not clear where it was awarded).
* Now you have 311 Tribute, and the Americans have declared war on Vietnam. Bribe Vietnam for [-110] to forestall their invasion.
* You have 201 Tribute remaining; bribe the Peruvians for [-110].
* Surround the territory of Llanos with three armies and initiate a Police Action there. [-26] (The simplest way to win this scenario is to play it as if it were a Territory Victory game. Keep a small force of ground units to fight off enemy incursions, and border push until the entire map is your territory. Enemy buildings will be destroyed by attrition.) +60
With 100 industry income, your total should be 225.

Turn 8 - Information Age, 225 Tribute, 6 nations.
* Australia loses two territory strength, which means the American economy drops to 74. The Soviet economy has increased to 124, which allows us to declare an economic victory if we wish. We decline, in order to prosecute a war of global conquest.
* Initiate the sixth and final spy mission [-20]. This will destroy two of the American nuclear missiles, and will give us a Wonder Card.
* The Soviets should build the Space Program (as in history) as it gives significant military benefits as it reveals the maps of future battlegrounds. It's usually a good idea to place this in a territory that does not have a Supply Center - the Americans tend to target those with nuclear strikes.
* Negotiate clienthood with the Argentinians [-110].
* Negotiate clienthood with the Brazilians, using all your remaining Tribute [-95]. This will unite all of South America under your rule, and allow you to claim +40 Tribute as a reward.
* At this point there is only one remaining neutral state, and that is India. We'll deal with them later, either through military action or (more likely) by bribing them to our side.
* Now it's time to declare war.

Turn 8 cont. - the Cold War turns heated, 40 Tribute, 4 nations.
* With only 40 Tribute, how do you start a war against the Americans? The trick is to use the Treachery card to steal a territory. This automatically causes war to break out, without any cost on your part.
* Use Treachery on Italy. This is an important territory as it gives you a new army from its Supply Center. The Americans will declare war on you immediately.
* The new army can be placed anywhere, and it can continue to attack. Place one army in Italy and then attack France across the border to eliminate the NATO capital. (It is useful to use a Mercenaries card and a Sabotage for this battle. If you back it up with a Trade Embargo, it's entirely feasible to move your army more or less in a straight line towards Paris and end the scenario within five minutes.)
* NATO's treasury gives +200 Tribute, two more Supply Centers, and control of Greenland and all of Western Europe. Canada and Australia refuse to acknowledge Soviet influence, and they openly join America.
* Europe is united under Soviet rule, giving an extra +150 Tribute.
* Your two new armies are likely best placed near borders with American territories. Greenland is an especially common target for them, right after they launch their nuclear weapons.
* The Americans will commit to total release of their nuclear arsenal, which can target two provinces. Respond with a strike against any two US territories you wish - it doesn't matter.
End of turn 40 Tribute, NATO treasury +200, Europe united +150, industry income +141. Total 531 Tribute.

Turn 9 - Aftermath, 531 tribute, 3 nations.
* Use armies to overrun the wasteland territories in your hinterland, so you don't need to end your turn reclaiming territories. Be careful - the army that performs an overrun may not attack again, so make sure you carefully place your armies beforehand. Also, any newly-acquired armies from the overrun supply centers cannot move in the same turn you place them. In my runthrough, the Americans attacked my two Supply Centers at Eastern Europe and Central Asia - luckily my Space Program was in Central Russia.
* Reclaiming Eastern Europe actually gives you a second dose of the +150 Tribute reward for reuniting all of Europe. However, this then requires you to lose an army (because it recalculates your supply depot to army ratio, and realizes you have one fewer depot than armies) - the wise general will "lose" the army he just used to overrun the territory.
* Reclaim Central Asia with an overrun, bearing in mind that the newly placed army cannot move either. Keep it far away from the borders - you'll need the border armies to attack the Americans later.
* Use diplomacy to pull the Indians into the Soviet alliance. [-110]
* Buy a nuclear weapon. Now that the Americans have released all their arsenal, this puts you ahead by one, which may keep the masses happy. [-75]
* Sabotage Japan and attack with two armies - one from South Korea and the other from Eastern Russia. (Your navy has one Battleship, which is an excellent unit to clear AA emplacements. Once you round the eastern or western end of the island, you can level Kyoto with your Battleship and Carrier jets, then land a massive marine force there. Use your Civilians to repair the Japanese capital. Once you assimilate their capital, you may also want to use your Spies to bribe their military buildings to produce a defensive screen of ground and air units.) +30.
* With the assimilation of Japan, the East Asian continent is united. +70.
* Your people rejoice at the nuclear dominance of the Soviet Union over the United States, and you get an economic boom of each type of resource.
* However, the Communist party needs funding, and we will need to conquer or build 5 territory strength to avoid negative economic effects.
Industry income 142.

Turn 10, 773 tribute, 1 nation.
* This turn we will overrun Australia from Vietnam and South Africa +35. This also gives a continent bonus for South Asia +60.
* We will also make inroads into the North American continent. Depending on where America's sole remaining army was stationed, you may be able to overrun Alaska, which in my runthrough was still a nuclear wasteland +30.
* Let us also show the socialist principles of equity by building up all strength-1 territories into strength-2. There are 11 such territories, including the captured NATO and American territories, and each costs 20 Tribute to build up, or [-220] in total. Our finances drop slightly from 898 Tribute to 678 Tribute.
* Now it is time to attack American territory directly and liberate their citizens. In order to score a total world victory, you must attack the American capital territory last of all. Accordingly, we will attack Canada first. +30.
* The Americans will then propose that both sides destroy all current nuclear arms and refrain from building more in future. Accept this deal.
* The Americans have one army and can mount a single unsupported attack each turn. This is tiresome, but presents you with the chance to win extra Tribute by defeating their attack. By now your border territories should have several redundant armies providing mutual support, so an American land attack should be easily deflected. +50.

Tribute: 708 end of turn, +156 industry, +50 defeated American army, total 914.

Turn 11, 914 Tribute, 1 nation.
* From here on in, the United States stands alone. You have four territories left to conquer, and four turns to do it in. America has one remaining army. It is usually a good idea to overrun territories where possible. If this is not possible, Soviet forces should instead attack whatever territory the enemy army is in (except for the capital, which must be captured last). This forces the army to retreat to a different location, usually the nation's capital, and makes it possible to overrun the US continent, saving you turns.
* Also, Tribute at this point is less important, as there are no more nukes to buy, no more spy missions to accomplish, and no more neutral nations to bribe. You are free to spend it on bonus cards or territory upgrades.
* Accordingly, we will attack the Americans at the Midwest. With a Mercenaries card on a strength-1 territory with one US army present, this battle is very simple.

Turn 12
* The American army has retreated to defend its capital, leaving the Pacific Rockies unguarded. The Soviet army in Mexico will lead an attack on the Rockies, supported by the Soviet army in the Midwest. This is an overrun, as the US army cannot intervene.
* After that, the only remaining non-capital territory is the Gulf Coast. By relocating another Soviet army to Mexico, it is possible to overrun this territory too - supported by the Midwest and Cuba.
* This leaves the Americans with only their capital territory, the Mid-Atlantic. Conquer this territory to overthrow the Reagan administration and eliminate the Americans. (Note that a quirk in the game logic means there are two Statue of Liberty wonders on the same space on the map!)

If all goes well, you have defeated the Americans, scored a signal triumph for socialism, and conquered the entire world with several turns to spare.

* ~ * ~ *

Campaign outcome: Global Soviet victory.

Final edit: This guide is now online at the Steam community, at this link.

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posted 01-19-12 09:07 PM EDT (US)     1 / 3  
Very good guide! I really should try this some time.

~ Creator of Kings and Conquerors, a total conversion mod for Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots ~
posted 01-25-12 08:47 AM EDT (US)     2 / 3  
I need to try something similar with the Americans in the Cold War CTW. I've beaten the campaign several times, but just didn't find it as well-written or as interesting as the Soviet campaign.

Maybe something to do later.
posted 02-06-17 07:02 AM EDT (US)     3 / 3  
* Cuba also gives hints that it will become an ally if the Soviets make an offer. Do so. They will become clients for 90 Tribute or so. [-90]
You can usually bargain Cuba down. I've gotten them to accept clienthood for as little as 50 tribute. It doesn't seem to work every time though for some reason. I think in my most recent Soviet game I had to pay them 80 tribute. It's possible I waited longer than I should have to offer to make them my client, and so they demanded a higher price. Or maybe it has something to do with the difficulty level and they demand a higher price at a higher level (sometimes I have the difficulty set at moderate, never lower than that, but sometimes higher too).

Also, I would suggest maybe starting the war with NATO earlier and not spending as much on acquiring clients early on. With the treachery bonus card, you can start the war whenever you like. And once you conquer NATO, you'll have abundant tribute to use to buy clients in places like South America. This way, you can fight the war at a more leisurely pace.

For instance, I don't like defeating NATO in just one turn, acquiring Italy with the bonus card and then going straight to France. I like to fight the Germany battle. Both because it's a really fun battle and because, for roleplay purposes, since Germany was kind of the center of the Cold War it seems odd to bypass Germany once World War III begins. I also like a couple of the other scenario battles, such as Canada and Australia.

In my last Soviet game, I liberated the entire world without having to hurry too much. It's tricky but it can be done.

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