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On a New World Moderate map, I was playing as China. My starting island was rapidly built up and civilized as the world around me changed.

Around the time that I established my first colony on the mainland in the Medieval Age, the Germans and French invaded the British main island. One of my explorers happened to see the invasion. The Franco-German navy assembled at the coastline and bombarded the capital of London while a landing army came ashore. Advancing through hails of longbow and bombard fire, they took the capital and then spread out across the island. Every British citizen took up arms to stop the invasion, but eventually their nation was annexed and partitioned between France and Germany.

Another war going on at the time was that of the Americans, French, and Dutch fighting the Russians. Newly-invented gunpowder enabled the three-nation alliance to smash the hastily-made Russian armies that stood in their way and then capture the capital of Saint Petersburg. The Russians utilized light cavalry ambushes in an attempt to stop the destruction of their nation, but to no avail. A massive artillery and naval bombardment forced them to surrender.

By now, the world had reached the Enlightenment Age. I started a war with the Ottomans to capture more land, and eventually gained their entire "home island" while they retreated to their colonies. Now, I controlled about one-third of the mainland. One the far western tip of the mainland was the Dutch colony of Rotterdam, bordering my holdings. The Americans possessed the northwestern part, the Germans and French the southeastern part, the Ottomans a small chunk of land in the far northeast, and the Spanish a very small sliver of land in the north.

Deciding that the Dutch should be forced off the mainland, I sent 20 armored cars (Industrial Age) sweeping through their colony. The token defensive force was mowed down as they raised their guns, and soon the peninsula was firmly under my control.


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