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Britain started out as a small tribe in one far corner of the world, along with seven other tribes. These tribes were named the Germans, the Americans, the French, the Russians, the Dutch, the Japanese, and the Chinese. the British, seeking an ally, immediately made an alliance with the Germans. Expanding their civilization, they built three more cities and soon possessed the entire bottom-left corner of the world. Favoring a defensive over offensive strategy, the British built castles, fortifications, trenches, watchtowers, and artillery in order to protect their homeland. The capital of London was heavily guarded. The Ages advanced, and the technology around the world improved.

The Information Age arrived eventually, and the world now possessed machine guns, armored vehicles, tanks, assault rifles and other automatic weapons, planes, helicopters, and nuclear missiles. That was when the wars started. The Germans invaded the Americans, overrunning the city of Dallas within minutes of the invasion. The Americans formed a defensive line around Kansas City, with even civilians picking up old muskets, rifles, and shotguns and fighting back. After days of constant fighting, a German nuclear missile struck the American capital of Washington, obliterating all American military facilities. Following this, the American military fizzled out and broke apart. The Germans easily occupied all remaining cities, and the war was over. The came the Russian invasion of the Japanese. Russian soldiers, wearing brown greatcoats and carrying assault rifles, stormed into Modern Age-Japan. Three Japanese cities, Kobe, Sendai, and Sendoto, were nuked. The capital of Kyoto was bombarded with artillery as the Japanese threw their entire military at the invaders. Human wave assaults drained the manpower of the Japanese, and eventually the only units left were mechanized. As Kyoto was vaporized by a nuclear strike, the Japanese retreated to their final city of Matsumoto. Located on a hill ringed by bunkers, Matsumoto was the perfect defensive position. Even so, this could not stop a Russian "blitzkrieg" from smashing apart the remaining Japanese defenses and gunning down any survivors. The Japanese were gone.

Then came the French. The Americans, Russians, Dutch, and Chinese invaded at the same time, almost instantly taking half the country. The capital of Paris was besieged and nuked, wiping out all buildings within a 5-mile radius. The French military attempted to hold the seemingly-endless invaders off at Strasbourg, but to no avail as six cruise missile strikes obliterated them. Verdun fell next, no match for hordes of rifle-wielding Chinese. Bombers destroyed the French air force in their airbases in Rennes and France fell shortly after. However, the constant nuclear missile strikes had weakened the world, and the opening barrage of a Dutch war against Russia tipped the balance and completely destroyed the world. As the Dutch and the Russians nuked each other, the world turned into a lifeless ball of ash and dust.

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