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War Stories
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Topic Subject: Liberation of Western Africa
posted 02-28-15 02:24 AM EDT (US)   
July 5th, 1991.
US forces deploy into West Africa to liberate the coast from rebels, known to locals as "barbarians". A small combined arms task force with riflemen, IFVs and M1 Abrams tanks performed an amphibious assault on the North West coastline, catching the Egyptian rebels by surprise. Within minutes, a foothold is secured within the mountains.
July 6th.
APCs and Marines pored onto the southern coast like lava, burning through the under developed insurgents as though they were nothing. AH-64 attack choppers covered the offensive, raining missiles upon their unworthy foes all the while. Two special forces units were deployed behind enemy lines to destroy SAM sites, making the AH's job so much easier. It isn't long before the city of rebels is destroyed, the only remains being damaged vehicles and dead soldiers.
July 8th.
After a day of waiting for reinforcements and re-armaments, the final assault had begun. US forces rushed the hostile position with fury and speed, making quick work of the first line of defense. This time, however, the rebels had been prepared. An armor division rolled up to the front of the city, making short work of the surprised marines leading the offensive. Anti-tank squads and M1A1s stormed from the North flank, both putting holes in the tanks and greatly damaging infrastructure. Rebels, armed with 80mm recoiless rifles, desperately tried to hold back the armor, destroying three tanks in the process. The remaining seven blew them to smithereens, before pushing further into the city. What was once a bustling paradise was now a smoldering pile of ruins. But the fight had to be finished!
July 9th.
After a night full of heavy fighting, the rebels hastily retreated into a nearby mountain range. A small marine squad was sent in to finish them off, but to this day there have been no traces of their return.

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This reads like a newsreel info-byte. Quite a nice, succinct manner, to be honest.

I enjoyed its terse style.

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