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Topic Subject: The Archives
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posted 07-19-05 06:02 AM EDT (US)   

The Archives - Leaner, Meaner, and More Betterer

The Dio Archives are a monument to Dio. As a forummer, he constantly posts ironic and hilarious posts, and occasionally edits them hours later. This thread stands as a library of all the (funny) quotes that are posted. With praise from three or more (!) well-known forummers, the Dio Archives are the place to be!

Dio says:

I masturbat eover porn

For some reason I have these strang eurge to go up meteoras avatars skirt.

I wanted to ass him.

What does drinking peptal besmo have to do with bunnies of FalsehoodS?

It is Poam time. Right your best Poam.

Are you a calling me a dumb.

I wonder what would happen if I called zen a loser.

I think it would be flammming.

Damn it, failed all ready. I could have swore that is how you spelt Happand.

If I think about I will post the most intellecutual post ever.

But it wasn't spam post

Lethargy what is that?

dsflkj? what does that mean>?

Though 69 is pretty funny

I ain't dumb

What do you means FriendS?

AoK is monkey talk?

Moon isn't a plane tit is a satalite.
(later) Your just lucky I put Plane tit instead of Planet it. Then you would look dumb.

Booo Not legit no mor epost here mod close this.

Huh whats that...
I wish I was smart.......

Und you have no brain.

I hate carrie butI like carrie...

Mete why do you Capitilise random Letters?

I ain't the brightest diamond in a cracker Jack's box.

You know it has been Urking all of us.

They made me sad because I couldn't use the english language right.

I wasn't me because I voted to be ****ing cool.

Umphff, Now there is weird.

What I meant is I was to tired, and I filled my waterbottle up with bear.

I quit parrot your fat.

10$ me make you happy long time.

Everyone at AoE3H hates me. I am starting to think OD is really nice.

they aren't as intellectual as some people here

He is A blatent spammer

we ran out of bears

Noobs like that give HG a bad name.

I am sorry RTWH a bad name.

Just look at how you type, and how immature you act.

soemthing is retarded

I steal porn off the internet.

Echo Will you forum marry me?

two thubs up

I have pre martial sex

I think someone here loves the penis to much

If you make me mod I will pay you hansomely

I am actually really smart just don't act it.

MMMM right here it says that sally went to the beach and got sand her shoes she was un happy This explains why Doikie is Unhappy he went to the beach and got sand in his Vagina

If you like fat people you would love Obese.

Long live canadia

rapping animals is bad.

Yay, Jax isn't gonna own me in Barabarian Bash.
(later)Too, bad you spelt barbarian wrong, n00b.

How bout we flame Zen.

How do you spell lonelyist?

I think Chris killed the funny

Rape by eyeballs it's a natural thing.

I am only try to get help with my wizarding problems.

The Fox and The Wolf are the three main Rivers in Wisconsin.

Damn Noobs
Damn noobs

Canada isn't a country.

Trowa Barton says:
Is your cap lock key broken?
Trowa Barton says:
You seem to be posting in caps, alot.

Trowa Barton says:
You are very angry person
Trowa Barton says:
I think you need a calming charm

*Cuts Dio's pepper turkery sandwich in half*

I still do not know what sex is.

I think you are wak man.

No that is keyra i don't do girlfriends I like to keep my options open.

I ain't the greatest looker but smooth words wu them over.

I am not lean anymore.

I am in the gut

I have a fatassto.

What is Sex?
I looked it up on Wikipedia and saw a penis.

I would so do those anime girls.

I love socks. I sleep with nothing on but socks. I just love wearing socks.

*Waves vitrual leg*

What do you mean? Are there noobs copying my name?

Shiva is a hot women

It is naive to think the best in people?

Jesus was black...

Bronze skin?
Sheep-like hair?
And he went around with his homies, well they didn't call them homies back then.

I am not that big of a dumb

do i knot speel goo enouf fo u?????

Mr Biggles, the USD is only accepted in the US, when I go up to canada I have to change my money to Canadian currency.

I was busy all day putting in more gigs and RAM on my computer.

Who the hell is DWIEEB? Is he one of those n00bs from GD like you?

The only wisconsinite from HG I know, is clar from OD. Who lives in Appleton, my favourite city in all of Wisconsin.

I told my friend I didn't want anything to do with hooters and he laughed at me. I am confused.

I hate you sick bastards, you guys pick the weirdest things I say, and throw them into some dumb thread at RoNH.

I am having that problem alot, of late.

Echo, can I watch your ass.

Sadly enough, I am impervious to magic.

I wake up at 4 and wank off to porn until 6. My parents get up at 6:30.
So, essentially I was on my computer, but not posting at OD.

Hey dumbass, edit his topic post to find them.

Dear Mete,
When will you write another PoAm or OAd?

I is always capitalised.

Long live canadia

If there was no minimum wage, then people could get payed then the less then 5.80 for an hours work. If people manage stuff right it is doable to live on minimum wage.

Gladius had another meaning that then, I think it was penis.

Girls just wanna hava fu -un

I do not know any tape made of ducks.


I got one of me tooken over the summer.

Are you we playing one of those games?

I use a cable modum

It's time to Du-Du-Du-Duel.

I believe Linux is a IM service that can be used to talk to people on other IM services. IS this correct?

Who would listin to me.


SHHHH Ima noob.

You just hate me because I am bi.


I hate caverly.

You used to be my favorite forummer here (referring to Brock88)

Russia had a colony in Russia

Mete, did you and this "girl" make hot love after this arguement?

!= is equal or less then.

you could just stop quoting my idiotic replys.

Ace, don't be an idiot.

Please, do not do that again, you wouldn't imagine the things I wanted to do to you when I saw you posted like that.

You could at least have given us porn...


*Bush blows by*

Well, They made me sad because I couldn't use the english language right. But then know one would tell me where to put commas and periods.

I don't understand why [everyone hates me], I am such a cool, smart guy.

The name Trent is from the Trent River in England, so I guess that is kinda Gaelic.

What are you talking about man. The weasel would be dumb and go for the middle so while it is trying to break the Cobra's spine the Cobra would just whip around and bite the little bugger.

If Adder doesn't Rocks, I will die.

Why does everyone think I am a homo?

A pamphlet written by Thomas Paine to convert loyalist to rebels during the American Revolution. (in response to "What is common sense?")

I got on my computer and checked OD there is a thread called"There is a Dio stuck in my keyboard" I do not understand.

King Diomedes of Argos says:
I love lesbians
King Diomedes of Argos says:
I mean
King Diomedes of Argos says:

I still can can't find a circmflex

I got owned by the too m,any messages at once filter,

Psh, I am sure there is a lot more Orthodox and Protestant people in Austria then Christians.

I was gonna apply for a job at RTWH, but I don't have BI, yet.

Silk is a lyre.

and we got owned so hard because my military was really small.

Parrotman just ph34rs me because I owned him, twice.

Where do I find a map? I have been lucking for a long time.

e t o
t t e
a e t
r m r
d p y
s t

For some reason it was tooken out. Along with GD.

In other news I am gonna do the spelling be for my school tommarow. At least try=out.

I posted post number 1546 with sperm all over my hand.

Me posting gay porn.

Me and my good friend TMP and TMP reads about newton for fun which is actually quite interesting.

BTW Learn proper grammar and sentance construction this isn't a IM conversation.....

How come everyone thinks I am gay?

Damn my human brain!

I am a person not an anatimate object.

You wish I was a plane tit. So you could ride me to Europe.

don't worry Ferret were all hot on the inside except for Brock because he is a dumbass.

Hey, Nelson why don't you take your shitty atitude and shove it up you shit-hole.

I am not sad I am just sitting at my computer and tears keep coming out of my eye.

FD2 me and you should get in a fight so we can have make-up posts.

Best AoE3H Thread Creator: What is a thread?

Dio needs your help in making his friends stop thinking he is a homosexual.

Dio is not a Homosexual

All my friends think I am gay

I am an ignorant know-it-all.

I am one of the smartest kids in my grade.

They laugh at me because I am the 3rd strongest in my grade

My homeroom teacher, who is also the Varsity football couch, calls me a wimp

My arch nemisis defeated me in the final round of the spelling bee last week.

I do not understand how people get pawn.

when ever my friend Chuck burns someone in choir. I go you got pwned

I ran into a door head first.
I broke the door.

My nose gets oily around 5:00 forum time

so That is why my history teacher cirlcled all those Amerikas on my quiz today.

Joke dectors never work on things

Scipio in OD when I said England and whales are seperate countrys why did you say that all the lines in your signature are filled?

Ju - Ju - Ju - Ju - Just like the badguy in Lethal Meapon 2,
I got Diplimatical Emunit. So, Hammar, You can't sue.

Dio-Yay for D&D says:
Myhands are full of sper,
Dio-Yay for D&D says:

Dio is a bad concubine

and I got 1000 dolla from my lemonade stand

Dio says:
I am slow
Bk says:
Dio says:
and retarded

Dio says:
eawh makes me suck penis
Stonewall says:
lol what
Dio says:

Anything written after post 65 was not tooken into account of this post.

Dio says:
BK you blocked me
Bk says:
No, I didn't.
Dio says:
Oh wait
Bk says:
Dio says:
I just never see you online.
Dio says:
Shan says:
Dio says:
I feel stupid
Bk says:

Dio is not a food

Dio-Seb is Overrated says:
Guess what city I am in right now
Bk says:
Dio-Seb is Overrated says:

I hate horror flicks. There is no point to them at all but suspense. Generally they are unfunny and have a bad plot. They are like pornos, but with suspense.

Alot of my friends are girls, does thsi make me gay?

I thought your IQ had to be above 20 to play.

(later in same thread)I am obviously talk to a brick.

Dio says:
Guess what
Bk says:
Dio says:

I am wanking for joy right now.

Nelson has no patients

That is right when I am taking the ball up field dodging around all those other guys, I am so light and nimble, it makes me forget about my penis.


I am a noob but that is an ultimate dis because Uncool120 is a loser. Who double posts.

Parrotman: This thread is like Auschwitz, but for intelligence instead of Jews.
Dio: Does that means it kills intelligent?

Praise for the Dio Archives

This thread wins. - Zargax

This is one of my favoritist threads ever. - Meteora

This thread is awesome because we can praise Dio and laugh at him at the same time. - FD2

This thread is a playpen for stupidity.
BUT FUNNY! - Konisgberg_Monarch

I love this thread. - Parrotman

YOur mom loves this thread. - Dio

This thread encourages me to never have children. - Beany

This is a most excellent thread. Almost as good as my art. - Echowinds

lol, this thread is funny, I laugh out loud everytime I come here. - Papaya

This thread owns. - EaZy

    

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posted 07-19-05 05:57 PM EDT (US)     1 / 519  
"It is Poam time. Right your best Poam."

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
posted 07-20-05 04:32 AM EDT (US)     2 / 519  

Come on guys, surely there are more we can think of!

    
posted 07-20-05 01:25 PM EDT (US)     3 / 519  
"Are you calling me a dumb."

forum troll

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posted 07-20-05 05:48 PM EDT (US)     4 / 519  
"I wonder what would happen if I called zen a loser."
posted 07-20-05 07:45 PM EDT (US)     5 / 519  
"I think it would be flammming."

" Damn it, failed all ready. I could have swore that is how you spelt Happand."

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posted 07-20-05 07:57 PM EDT (US)     6 / 519  


Damn it, failed all ready. I could have swore that is how you spelt Happand.

My last post at IA.

posted 07-20-05 08:52 PM EDT (US)     7 / 519  
"If I think about I will post the most intellecutual post ever."
"But it wasn't spam post"
"Lethargy what is that?"
"dsflkj? what does that mean>?"
"Though 69 is pretty funny"
"I ain't dumb"
"What do you means FriendS?"
"I hope you aren't naked"
"I miss the point on purpose."
"AoK is monkey talk?"

All from chatlogs.

forum troll
posted 07-20-05 10:33 PM EDT (US)     8 / 519  

Also added one of my own.

    

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posted 07-21-05 03:38 AM EDT (US)     9 / 519  


Booo Not legit no mor epost here mod close this.


Huh whats that...
I wish I was smart.......


Und you have no brain.


I hate carrie butI like carrie...


Are you a calling me a dumb.

posted 07-21-05 10:35 AM EDT (US)     10 / 519  
Wow, GFGJ I have no clue when I would mention Carrie.
posted 07-21-05 02:43 PM EDT (US)     11 / 519  
OT, it's not 'Are you calling me a dumb.', it's 'Are you a calling me a dumb.'

posted 07-21-05 08:28 PM EDT (US)     12 / 519  
Fixxord teh big one!!1!

    
posted 07-22-05 03:11 AM EDT (US)     13 / 519  
"Mete why do you Capitilise random Letters?"

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
posted 07-23-05 11:11 PM EDT (US)     14 / 519  
This thread wins.

Oh, and add this one: "I ain't the brightest diamond in a cracker Jack's box."

posted 07-23-05 11:55 PM EDT (US)     15 / 519  
I found this one kind of funy.


You know it has been Urking all of us.

posted 07-24-05 00:10 AM EDT (US)     16 / 519  
This is one of my favoritist threads ever.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
posted 07-24-05 00:19 AM EDT (US)     17 / 519  
God, I hope this fad never dies.

Check my sig for new quote action.

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posted 07-25-05 02:50 PM EDT (US)     18 / 519  


I wasn't me because I voted to be ****ing cool.

posted 07-25-05 04:08 PM EDT (US)     19 / 519  
Someone give me a picture of "Dio" so I can make a website dedicated to his quotes.

posted 07-25-05 04:24 PM EDT (US)     20 / 519  
The Man behind the quotes:

It is the only one I have.

posted 07-25-05 04:27 PM EDT (US)     21 / 519  


.:."La Pomme D'amour".:. ~ The Apple of Love
Author of the critically-acclaimed RAINMAN's NEWBIE GUIDE
The cuddliness comes with the username
posted 07-25-05 04:39 PM EDT (US)     22 / 519  


"[Stockpiling nukes is] like horsepower. 550 is way too much, but it's still cool to show off that you're the biggest asshole in the neighbourhood." King Euric: 5/23/05
"Firefox sucks. Mozilla all the way!" Brad4321: 6/4/05
"i'm not retared I'm mentally challenged." Chach7776: 6/28/05
"There are no stupid questions, but there are a lot of inquisitive idiots." Supa_Psyche: 7/12/05
OD Captain of Transportation
posted 07-25-05 05:03 PM EDT (US)     23 / 519  
posted 07-25-05 05:36 PM EDT (US)     24 / 519  

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
posted 07-25-05 05:40 PM EDT (US)     25 / 519  
Bah, the picture is from 2 years ago.
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