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Rise of Nations Heaven
URLForum Rules & Guidelines (Link)
[ ] Comments & Announcements
Post any comments you have about our website and check for announcements and updates to RoN Heaven
The City
[ ] RoN General Discussion
Discuss RoN gameplay concepts and features.
[ ] Throne & Patriots Expansion Pack
Discussions about the Throne & Patriots Expansion Pack
[ ] RoN Tech Support
Got a problem with the game? Look here to see if you can find the solution.
[ ] Big Huge Fandom
Discuss past, present and future of games that you wish, wanted, speculate or thinks Big Huge Games should make.
The Redoubt
[ ] CTW NetCampaign
Forum for the Rise of Nations Heaven CTW Campaign Ladder.
[ ] RoN Strategy for Beginners
This forum is for beginners, newbs and casual gamers to exchange tips, and talk about the basics of playing the game.
[ ] RoN Strategy for Experts
This forum is for experts and high inters to discuss more advanced strategy topics. This is not for beginners to ask the basics of the game or simple questions like what are good nations to play etc.
[ ] War Stories
Share your Stories of conquests and Battles. Oh ya and discuss recorded games here as well. Of course you can sing a few war hymes and shout out warcries before battle here if you wish! This forum is also for Clan issues.
The Factory
[ ] Game Modifications
Discuss the art of Modifying Rise of Nations and show off some of your work.
[ ] Scenario Design
Discuss Scenario Design and get tips and tricks on the Scripting Language used in Rise of Nations.
The Market
[ ] Community Forum
Meet and interact with other players to discuss life in general. This forum is for discussions that are generally not directly related to Rise of Nations.
URLIntellectual Discussions (Link)
The Library is a place for intellectual discussions. Discuss politics, existence, whatever. We won't judge on what is smart or not, but please put thought into your posts.
URLHistorical Discussions (Link)
History lovers had once gathered here, but no longer. The forum is now closed, but the discussions still available for reading.
The Senate
URLHG Main Staff Forum (Link)
URLModeration Announcements (Link)
Issues concerning Member bannings and warnings are posted in here

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