Clan Sites

Clan Name Prefix Description
Army of Freedom AoF A Rise of Nations Clan that has been around since 2003, and the Famous Rival of AS, mostly a nomad clan
Apocalypse Survivors AS An old Dedicated Rise of Nations Clan since 2004, mostly Scenarios but multi-gamestyle clan all together
Elite Clan El An pro RoN clan consistig of the best nomad/Std/Inf Players in the game today
Force of Good FOG A clan that now consists of off-beat scenario players, used to challenge AS in the field.
Indian Warriors IND An Indian based clan that has expanded into many inter+ nomad Players
Latinos LAT The Largest Rise of Nations Clan today, it composes of noobs and pros. Somewhat disorganized, it remains home to many latino players.
Try to Stay Alive t2sa A RoN Clan consisting of inter+ members. Its leader, Vugi, now works on improving the Rise of Nation's servers

Submitting Links

Please send link submissions to Pimp Masterflex and if you have a clan avatar, send them as well but make sure its is 16x16 pixels. Thanks goes to the Infidels Clan for providing us with the initial Clan list.


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