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Romanians - A super new update (10/13/2021)

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The Romanians are the Power of Resistance.

Unique units (01/08/2021 update):
- Haiduc (available in the Gunpowder age; they replace Bandeirantes)
- Haiduc Dragoon (available in the Gunpowder age; they replace Advisor Fouche; Conquistador skin)
- Dorobant (available in the Enlightment age; they replace Elite Bandeirantes; Junkers skin)
- Calaras (available in the Enlightment age; they replace Commander Paoli; Elite Conquistador skin)

In Classical Age, Romanians develop (along with several other nations) Barbarian Archers, Barbarian Phalanx and Barbarian Javelineers instead of Archers, Phalanx and Javelineers.

In Industrial Age, Romanians develop along with all other nations Light Bombers and Zeppelins, that provides aerial bombing capability in that era for each nation.

Update (03/18/2020): I added Siege Ships in Classical and Medieval Age to the Dock and Nuclear Missile Subs (Information Age) to Chinese and Russians.

New updates (06/14/2021):
- Existing issues in the previous version have been resolved (e.g. the size of the aircraft)
- Hwacha (Gunpowder Age; they replace General Djezzar) to Koreans
- Mameluke and Royal Mameluke to Turks
- New skins for Light Tanks
- Heavy Tanks (Char 2C model; they replace General Memnon) in Industrial Age for all nations
- Guerrilla Fighters (VI-VIII) for all nations
- Ironclads (V-VI) for all nations
- Patrol Boats (VII-VIII) for all nations
- Patrol Jeeps (VII) for all nations
- new skin for Zeppelin
- Elite Hoplites (Greek Mercenaires skin; they replace General Charles) to Greeks in Classical Age
- Red Coats (Enlightment Age) to British
- Conquistador (Gunpowder Age) and Elite Conquistador (Enlightment Age) to Spanish
- Humvee (Information Age) for all nations
- SAS (Modern Age) for British
- Tsar's Guards (Junkers skin; they replace General Blucher) to Russians in Enlightment Age
- TU-22M strategic bomber for Russians, Egyptians, Bantu
- Yak-9 fighter for Koreans, Mongols and Russians
- Mil Mi-24 Hind attack helicopter to Aztec, Bantu, Chinese, Egyptians, Inca, Koreans, Maya, Mongols, Nubians and of course, Russians.
- Dewoitine D.520 fighter for French in Modern Age.
- Char B1 tank for French in Modern Age.
- Orthodox Churches for Romanians and Russians starting with Gunpowder Age.
- new skin for Western Armored Scout Car and Patrol Jeep.
- and more!

New update (08/31/2021):
- Modern buildings (Apartments, Office Buildings) only from Industrial Age!

New update (09/04/2021):
- Maresal tank destroyer: Romanian Unique Unit in Modern Age!

New update (09/15/2021):
- Lancer and Elite Hussar cavalry units for all nations in Industrial and Modern Age.
- Zalmoxis's warrior (Ancient Age), Pileati and Tarabostes (Classical Age) as unique units for Romanians.

New update (09/19/2021):
- Sounds added to Siege Ship (Classical Age).

New update (09/20/2021):
- Spies and supply wagons in Classical Age.

New update (10/11/2021):
- Other icons for cruissers, merchants and M8 Greyhound Armored Cars.
- Nuclear Missile Subs (Information Age) to Americans, British, Chinese, French, Indians and Russians along with Attack Submarines (Information Age).
- and more!

New update (10/13/2021): New icons for heavy tanks, light tanks (british MARKs), lancers and for romanian unique unit Maresal. In order for your icons to work, you need to move the two iface files (iface_units_03.tga and iface_units_03_half.tga) from the art folder of the Romanians module to the art folder of the game. Before that, it would be good to make a backup of the two original iface files.

Note: I specify that not all the materials I use in the module are my creation!

How to install: unzip the Romanians.zip folder into your RoN mods folder.

If you have any problems or suggestions regarding this module you can write a comment.
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mamadali hello
i am from persia (iran)
i want some help
i like american army
usa aiecraft
usa missile (larg and big)
usa tank
usa helicopter
usa Spy plane
6th generation aircraft
and middle east army
Gun pickup trucks
War minibus
Truck Suicide
pls help me

HGDL v0.8.1

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