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Rise of Panzers ODA 1.0 Alpha

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Needs T&P?: Yes
Rise of Panzers ODA 1.0 (Tap) Mod

By: "One_Dead_Angel" aka "One_Dead_Villy" aka Ray Tang
Date: Aug 8, 2005

I would like to thank Big Huge Games for a great game and the resources basis from which this mod is made.
Also I would like to thank Unit35 for the Tiger I model.

You should put the files for this mod under a directory such as shown below:
C:->Program Files->Microsoft Games->Rise of Nations->mods->Rise of Panzers ODA 1.0 (TaP)

If you installed Rise of Nations in another directory, naturally you should have a directory under the game directory called "mods". You need to create this folder youself if you hadnt done it already. Under that you should have a folder called "Rise of Panzers ODA 1.0 (TaP)", with the mod files and directories for this mod all under that.

So basically copy the zip file you get here, into a folder called "mods" under your main Rise of Nations folder, then extract/unzip the files into a folder called "Rise of Panzers ODA 1.0 (TaP)"

Instructions (IMPORTANT):
To enable this Mod, just pick the mod named "Rise of Panzers ODA 1.0 (Tap)" from the Mods drop down menu choice in your game settings screen.

This mod is Multiplayer compatible, so you should be able to play it on MP assuming everyone has this mod installed.

This mod is playable with all game modes, and nations.

Also just in case the title of the Mod wasn't clear. This mod is only for the Rise of Nation Thrones & Patriots Expack.

Changes in this Mod:
Germans get Panzer I (light tanks) initially in modern age. These can be upgraded to Panzer II by researching science.

With two levels of military research, Germans gain access to the Panzer III (medium tanks), this can be upgraded to Panzer IV and then Panthers by researching science.

With three levels of military research, Germans gain access to the Tiger I (heavy tanks), this can be upgraded to Tiger II by researching science.

* There are only two new models however. Panzer I and Tiger I. They come with multiple skins each which changes according to the terrain type.
* The rest of the Panzer types are just reskins.

This is an alpha version and the stats and various things maybe wrong. This is only a prove of concept mod, and also allows others to make use of the models and skins in this mod for their own projects.

(Please acknowledge this mod if you do use parts of it for your own, and Unit35 for the Tiger I model)
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
wakain this...sounds...GREAT!!!
Shaw DA MAN Considering the caliber of ODA's past mods, it WILL be great.
thanks ODA!!

[Edited on 08/14/05 @ 09:38 PM]

Death Hawk it crashes when i try to build the panzer I
Rating: 5
(Insert Rating analysis here)

Additional Comments:
I haven't tried the mod in a quickbattle but I did adpat your great units into my battlefield mod and it works and looks great!!! I really have to hand it to you and unit35, so thanx a bunch!!! Can't wait to see this baby completed.
File Author
not sure what to tell you Death Hawk. just try to make sure u installed everything properly as i have instructed...if u want take an image of the folder u installed it and what files u have in it, and send them to me
Death Hawk tnx odv, but i think it's more to do with T&P's i hate deathhawks comp problem. Because the game crashes when i do anything pretty much.

gonna reamove every mod i've got on RON at the mo and see if it works then.

[Edited on 08/17/05 @ 09:26 AM]

Shaw DA MAN Great mod ODA, (again).
uthum876 Hey ODA, maybe in u're next patch u can make a sweet panzer 4 desert skin. Just a suggestion, but great mod once again.
tasev Nice

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