Rise of Nations Features

  1. Developed by Big Huge Games, designed by Brian Reynolds of Civ2 and Alpha Centauri fame.
  2. Combines pulse-pounding real-time gaming with the epic scope of turn-based strategy games. Real-time gaming creates a fast and fun experience in under an hour. The epic scope ties together the mysteries of ancient philosophy and wonders of the world with the silk routes and intrigue of the middle ages and the technology of modern tanks and nuclear weapons.
  3. Spans 8 ages from ancient to information age. you can select to play all or any number of ages. 4 major research tracks in each of military, civic, commerce, and science determines the course of your nation’s development, and provides a rich and even handed gameplay experience no matter what ages you play in.
  4. Different levels of smart villager system from no AI control to they will run your econ for you. as well as different levels of unit info from the basics like HP’s to what they progress to and what they are weak/good against.
  5. Includes 18 nations: Aztec, Bantu, British, Chinese, Egyptian, French, German, Greek, Inca, Japanese, Koreans, Maya, Mongol, Nubian, Roman, Russian, Spanish, Turks
  6. Each region has their own unique art set for their buildings and generic units. Each civilization also has at least 4 unique units and a number of unique powers (which can be turned off depending on game options), each Unique units for example include: From Cossacks to T80 Tanks for Russians, King Tiger Tanks for Germans, Mamelukes for Egypt, Chevaliers for French just to name a few. No unit lines are dead ends, they all upgrade from beginning to the end.
  7. Nations are city based (which can be captured by an enemy) but still scaled to include the battle scale of games like AOK. Except its battles are not just about wiping your opponent’s assets off the map but capturing them (you can still wipe them out if you really want).
  8. Nations also have a border that one can expand by building and research. Players can not build outside of their borders and enemy units take attrition damage unless supplied while in enemy territory.
  9. The game uses 6 basic resources: food, knowledge, metal. oil, timber, wealth and 32 unique resources (Like coal,uranium, spice, furs which give the controlling player bonuses like faster gathering rates or higher production caps or cheaper reseach).
  10. Supports up to 8 players in a variety of game play modes from traditional random map team games, to total diplomacy games with no warfare, including an innovative assassinate mode which you are assigned a specific player you have to kill, at random, and you continue until you die racking up kills as you take over the target of those you kill.
  11. A single player campaign mode called conquer the world which allows you to play as any civ and conquer the world in a combo turn based / real time game. In which you move from region to region in a turn based control screen, and battle and/or develope your nation in the real time maps.
  12. A variety of wonders (special age restricted super buildings) are also available which players can build giving them various bonuses that even rivals a unique national special powers.
  13. Armies also have a facing and distinct sides, so attack direction will be a tactical consideration. Players can now excute flanking attacks and receive attack bonuses. This allows a smaller more organized force to win over a numerically superior foe.
  14. Special units like generals, scouts, supply wagons will effect the outcome of battles. For example Generals can command their troops to entrench at a location for a better defense at the expense of time and movement. Spies will also be available for you to observe people’s research or production.
  15. Armies also automatically create transports to cross seas. Putting an end to transport tedium, yet the variety of naval units preserve the strategic importance of ruling the seas.
  16. A “2.5D” graphics engine. Units and landscape are in 3D. But buildings are overlayed with a detailed 2D iconic representation to allow for maximum graphic detail. Zoom scale can be very wide to fairly close in. Gives players a global view of many cities and sweeping military campaigns while still controlling the progress of individual cities and battles. Provides ability to lead civilizations at the macro and micro level. Players will see clearly defined national borders, which focuses gameplay on nation building.
  17. Highly moddable, with easy to alter/edit XML rule files, integrated scenario and script editors, integrated mod support and offline tools such as a model exporter for 3DStudio Max.