Rise of Nations Game Maps

By Kuranes and One_Dead_Angel

The maps here are screenshots of the minimap taken at the start of a game. Each map is from a 2v2 game – red and blue versus purple and green. The map size is Standard (4 player). Maps are generated randomly by the game, but these shots should give you a good idea of the general composition of each map.

African Watering Hole (Land map)

All the rare resources lie around the lone watering hole at the center of the map. Happy hunting!

Amazon Rain Forest (Land map)

Plenty of resources and ruins hidden in a maze of tropical rivers and jungle clearings.

Australian Outback (Land map)

Harsh Desert or Lush Jungle–surrounded by ocean teeming with fish.

Great Lakes (Land map)

Fertile land map filled with large lakes useful for fishing, naval power, and infiltrating armies.

Great Sahara (Land map)

Desert land map. Only a few oases hold trees, but you’ll find plenty of oil in the Industrial Age.

Himalayas (Land map)

Land map with lots of mountains and mountain passes in the center and forests around the edge.

Old World (Land map)

One huge continent with everyone on it. Rivers, forests, and mountains create tactical challenges.

Southwest Mesa (Land map)

Desert land map with lots of cliffs and mesas. Battle for the high ground!

Mediterranean (Land map)

Land surrounding a central ocean with a small island.

Warring States (Sea map)

One large continent with everyone, surrounded by an archipelago. Continent is long like Japan.

Atlantic Sea Power (Sea map)

Each nation gets its own landmass; Players are separated by a large ocean.

British Isles (Sea map)

Nations start on variably-sized islands which may or may not isolate them from their allies. When it’s time to drill for Oil, you’ll need to build offshore platforms.

Colonial Powers (Sea map)

Two large continents with all the players on one! Note: in Team Diplomacy games all the neutral computer players go on the other continent.

East Indies (Sea map)

Lots of islands; lots of resources. Bring your navy.

East Meets West (Sea map)

Each team shares its own large continent.

New World (Sea map)

Each nation gets a cramped island and must exploit the rich mainland.

Nile Delta (Sea map)

Players face off across a major river.