Rise of Nations Basic Resources

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Basic Resources are the fuel for your empire.


Food is your primary resource in the game. It is gathered from farms and used to create most of your troops and workers.


Timber is one of the basic building blocks of your Nation. It is used in the construction of everything from a desks of a University to the hull of a mighty battleship


Metal represents the various metals that are used throughout the world in the construction of many things. This include the Bronze of a Legionnaire’s sword, the Iron of a Knight’s armor, and the Steel of a Tank.


Oil is the life blood of the modern nation. Without it, a nation will wither and die. Unlike most resources in the game, Oil does not appear on the map until about the Industrial age when its importance is finally realized.


Wealth is a measurement of your Nation’s overall income. In order to gain wealth, you must create markets and establish trade routes between cities where merchants will buy and sell their various wares.


Knowledge is perhaps one of the greatest resources that any Nation can have. It allows your nation to grow and mature, to make great technological leaps and flourish. You use knowledge to research things like mathematics, coinage, gunpowder, and ultimately nuclear weapons.