Rise of Nations Re-Skinning Guide

The Zen of Modding

Thank you for coming to read this. I hope it'll help you get started in modding for Rise of Nations. The are a few excellent modders, and there are several ways you can mod your game.

Modding is what keeps a game going. BF 1942 came out at least a year ago (I think) and the constant map making, and modding has kept it going. Modding adds a bit of taste to the game after you've become bored of it, or want something different. I usually see a picture somewhere, and think “Oh, that's cool" and then put it into the game as a mod.

You can mod your game from several aspects. There's modeling, which takes 3DsMax ($6,000), or Gmax (free, but the BHG exporter doesn't work with it, I think), and a bit of knowledge.There is XML editing. You can use Wordpad for that, and all it takes is finding the file (Unitrules.xml is a good place to start) and changing something, pop cap, number of turns in CTW or something else.

Then there is Re-Skinning, which consists of picking a unit, opening it, and changing it to look like something else, without changing the model. Best part about this is, you can play on MP without someone else who has the same change.

Needed for Re-Skinning

  1. An Image manipulation program. Anything from Adobe Photoshop to Microsoft PICTURE IT! Would work, but my favorite is Gimp. You can download it here:


    I don't know if 2.0 needs an installer, but it probably does, just type “Gimp Installer" into Google and you should find it.

    NOTE: Paint will not work as a image manipulation program, because it eliminates the alpha channel, but we'll get into that later.

  2. An idea of what to mod. You have to know what you want to do. If you sit down and say “I want to do something" it won't work. You need to have a vague (at least) idea of what you want, and then put into work.
  3. An image to base your skin off of. You can simply type what you want into Google images search, get a picture, and then mod off that picture, instead of memory.

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