Rise of Nations Re-Skinning Guide

The Results

For the before and after picture General.


Now, if yours doesn't look as good as mine, or mine doesn't look as good as yours, don't worry, you can change it.

Here's some general hints.

  1. After modding a skin, and deciding it's too plain or something, look at it in the scenario editor first, because you may not think so in-game.
  2. Your models will almost never look as good as BHG's in the TGA form. Look at my British Fusilier.
    BHG's skin:

    My Modded skin:

    See how plain mine is compared to BGH's? Yet, look at the model in game. You cannot tell.

  3. When testing and adjusting your mod, instead of starting RoN, opening the editor, looking at it, shutting the game down, adjusting the mod, and then starting the game back up again, just leave the game on. When you want to adjust, get out the scenario editor, hit alt + tab, adjust the mod, and go back to the editor. It's a lot faster.
I hope this helps you, and gets you started! Don't be afraid to submit your mod to the sites, people enjoy downloading mods and seeing what they look like. So, I hope you enjoyed this guide. See you around.

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By JediAnakinSolo

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