Rise of Nations Expansion Pack

On Nov 21, 2003 Big Huge Games and Microsoft announced plans for the release of an expansion pack for their critically acclaimed game, Rise of Nations, titled “Throne and Patriots”. So far we have only gotten a teasing advertisement poster image and set of press releases with a few screenshots.

Here is what we know for so far:

Release date planned for Spring 2004
This would set the release of the expansion pack to be approximately one year from the release of the original game.

6 New Nations
The Official List of Expack Nations are as follows:


Power of Innovation

  • Your first Wonder is built instantly, provided no other nation is also building it. Power may not be used to build Space Program or Supercollider.
  • Governments at the Senate are free.
  • Aircraft and Carriers are 20% cheaper. Starting in Modern Age, receive two free bombers at each air-base.
  • Receive 1 free Scholar at each new University.

Unique Units:

  • Continental Marines, Marine Riflemen, Marine Infantry, Assault Marines


Power of the Forest

  • Get one free scout with each barrack built. Scouts upgrades for free can move through forests.
  • Can research governments 1 age early. First Senate build is free and instant.
  • Wood cutters gain +2 food each
  • Military units in friendly territory are hidden when not attacking and has extra hitpoints. They also heal automatically when not moving or attacking in friendly territory.

Unique Units:

  • Pathfinder, Spearmen, Mohawk Spearmen, Pioneer, Heavy Mohawk Spearmen, Elite Mohawk Spearmen, Ranger


Power of the Plains

  • Instead of building farms and granaries, receive a +5 food for every Citizen, Scout, or Calvary Unit (except when garrisoned)
  • Borders are invisible to enemies.
  • Buildings can be razed quickly and for full purchase value.
  • Light Calvary and Ranged Calvary upgrades are free.

Unique Units:

  • Sunka Wakan, Eagle Feather Horse, Musket Horse, Repeating Rifle Horse


Power of Ceremony

  • Begin the game with 50% bonus starting food.
  • The second city you build acts as a second capital. Both receive the Capital border bonus, and both must be captured to eliminate you.
  • You receive a 30% discount on Civic research.
  • Receive Taxation upgrades for free.
  • You are always at your caravan maximum.

Unique Units:

  • Immortals, Anusiya, War Elephant, Athanatoi, Mahout, Arquebus Immortal, Gun Mahout, Culverin Mahout


Power of Majesty

  • Buildings do not “ramp up” in cost except for Wonders, Towers, Lookouts, and Forts, which ramp at half the normal rate, and Cities, which ramp normally.
  • City economic radius increased by +4.
  • Caravan income increased by +10.
  • Elephant upgrades are free, and elephant units are 15% cheaper.

Unique Units:

  • War Elephant, Mahout, Gun Mahout, Culverin Mahout


Power of Commerce

  • Begin the game with a free Commerce research, and receive a 25% discount on all future Commerce research.
  • May construct forts 20% more quickly than other nations.
  • For every 100 of a resource in your treasury, receive a +2 bonus for that resource (except knowledge).
  • Receive 2 free Light Ships whenever you complete a Dock, provided you have at least one Military research.

Unique Units:

  • Armed Caravan, Armed Merchant, Armed Supply Wagon, Brig, Fluyt, Clipper

20 New Units
With 6 New Nations, it looks like there are 31 Unique Units actually. There are also some unit graphics updates like the Hind Helicopter for the Russians in Info Age. From the beta’s xml files, I have noticed there are actually around 100 new entries in the unitrules.xml and about 500 more entries in the unit_graphics.xml compared to the original game.

New Wonders
The Official List of Expack Wonders are as follows:

Red Fort

  • Worth 2 wonder points.
  • Act as a extra powerful fortress increased range, garrison, border push and hitpoints. Resistant to air attacks. Not revealed until finished.
  • Garrisoned units heal 5 times faster.
  • Free fortress Upgrades in Conquer the World Campaigns.

Hanging Gardens

  • Worth 1 wonder point.
  • Provide bonus +50 knowledge production
  • Economic upgrades research cost 66% less.

Forbidden City

  • Worth 2 wonder points.
  • Acts as an additional capital, can be built anywhere a city can. Not revealed until completed.
  • +50 food and timber instead of normal town gathering rate.
  • Capitol elimination timer and sudden death do not effect you.

New Campaigns and Scenarios
Revised territories for the Conquer the World Campaign, plus historical campaigns like: an Alexander the Great Camapaign, Cold War Campaign, Napoleonic Campaign and a New World Campaign.

A Highly Anticipated “Government” Feature
From the Microsoft Official Rise of Nations Site, “With the new Government feature, any nation, old or new, can choose exactly how to be governed, which has far-reaching effects on how units perform in various situations.”. Sounds exciting, and another feature that has been hotly debated on fansite forums. A new building called the Senate will be where the government research is conducted and will determine where the player’s capitol will be. Government types also gives a nation a unique general or “Patriot” that provides additional abilities above those of a regular general. Three levels of governments advancements along two different paths are available.

Classical Age


  • Government controlled by one tyrannical ruler with absolute powers.
  • Military research and Barracks units 25% cheaper.
  • Receive the Despot Patriot (a General who also provides supply, Line-of-Sight, and plunder bonuses).


  • Government controlled by elected representatives who may (or may not) represent the will of the people.
  • Commerce Limit increased by 50.
  • Receive The Senator Patriot (a General who also provides healing, bribing, and building defense bonuses).

Gunpowder Age


  • Government controlled by a single hereditary ruler.
  • Stable units are 25% cheaper and faster to build.
  • Receive The King Patriot (a General who also provides supply, siege, and mounted combat benefits).


  • Government whose rulers are elected by all citizens and represent the will of the people.
  • Non-Library technologies 20% cheaper.
  • Receive The President Patriot (a General who also provides production, building, and healing benefits).

Industrial Age


  • Government wherein production and distribution of goods are determined by equity rather than market principles.
  • Factory, Airbase, and Dock units 20% cheaper and faster to build.
  • Receive The Comrade Patriot (a General who also provides supply, combat, and assimilation benefits).


  • Government wherein production and distribution of goods are determined by a free and competitive market.
  • Receive +100 Oil income and 500 Oil.
  • Receive The CEO Patriot (a General who also provides defense, range, and healing benefits).